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Cult Classic Still Strong Years Later

Ever wondered what you could do with $100,000 budget, eight days filming, and script that tells the story of how an abused woman’s alien encounter helped her seek revenge on her adulterous husband all while providing an icon...

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One Billion Reasons For Loving LOTR Prime

One Billion. When it comes to the JRR Tolkien’s masterpiece coming to Amazon Prime, a billion could mean anything. Warriors? Creatures? Hours it’s gonna take to watch the ENTIRE series plus the read the books books and then...

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Spiderman 3: No Way Home

If your Spidey senses tingled in the last twenty-four hours regarding new Marvel news, you were right on the money. The official title to Spider-Man 3 has been revealed in an incredibly hilarious way. Spider-Man 3: No Way...

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