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Countdown is on…

Wheeeeeee! It's the beginning of the new Mamavation Challenge and I've thrown my name in the hat for the next round. Now, to clarify, I did screw up. I didn't post my after pictures by the Wednesday of the last week and got disqualified. Live and learn and go on,...

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Laying the ground work

It seems I'm going to stay about right here with my weight as the rest of my body shifts around during this initial process. In a way I'm frustrated and in another I'm thankful. Yes, I'd like to be 10 pounds lighter by now, but I'm not heavier, which is major. Let me...

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Pilates Kicks (My) Ass

  With my respirtory not as fabulous as I'd like, I've had to turn to non-impact cardio. At first, I thought these workouts would simply help with flexibility and mobility, but I couldn't have been more wrong. I walk, or really limp, out of those pilates reformer...

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Tiny bit of progress

My grandmother used to say, "Slow and Steady Wins the Race." Of course she'd also said it would be fine if I stuffed my face with her homemade goodies when visited. At that visit, I'd already lost weight and she got pissed at me for not eating all the food she'd...

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I hate asthma

It's a rough day here at my house. My sweet husband is trying to make it a nice day before Valentine's Sunday and I was up all night with asthma problems. All these cold fronts and drastic weather changes along with my underlying sinus issues have caused all sorts of...

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Measurements vs Scale

Okay, I've talked to one of the fabulous women in the Mamavation Challenge and she's given me a well-deserved pep talk. She encouraged me not to worry as much about the numbers on the scale and take my measurements. Not thinking I'd be much different, I did what she...

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Mamavation–Small bump in the road

  Back to 215. Ugh. But my measurements are as follows:  arms 13.75", bust 38", waist is 37.5", and hips 46.75".  So I'm up about 0.25" in my arms, bust is the same, DOWN 0.5" in my waist and 1.25" in my hips. Small bump in the road when it comes to the scale, but my...

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Monday Mamavation post on Friday

I'm playing catch up this week. Started out with the sinus stuff (again) and then we got nuts with the anticipation of the "great snow storm" we'd experience here in Central Texas. Now, after our torrential downpour of a whopping 1/2-1 inch of snow, things are melting...

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Move It or Lose It Week 1

  Whoo! Whoo! It's week two and already I'm down three pounds. Last Monday the Mamavation Move It or Lose It (MILI) challenge began and I had no way to know if I'd even be able to stick with it. Although my exercise routine hasn't established well, I did work out...

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Follow Through

I feel like I'm on the high dive, ready to jump in, and everyone is watching. I want to jump. I absolutely want to jump  and feel the cool of the pool, but I'm afraid. "Jump!" Someone yells. "You can do it!" another encourages. "Come on! Move your butt." There always...

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A day of freedom

I remember well in high school when the rumblings of making Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday a national holiday. Initially there were protests, angry comments, the typical push-pull of anything new. There were cheers, tears, and fears thrown everywhere, but when it...

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