Back up to 215, but returned to 213.5 the next day.


Back to 215. Ugh. But my measurements are as follows:  arms 13.75″, bust 38″, waist is 37.5″, and hips 46.75″.  So I’m up about 0.25″ in my arms, bust is the same, DOWN 0.5″ in my waist and 1.25″ in my hips.
Small bump in the road when it comes to the scale, but my measurements are changed. Love it!
Now, back to the scale. I expected it. Last week was a bit nuts along with the cold fronts, sinus stuff, and 81 cases of evil showing up on my doorstep. I’m only so strong. I’ll admit, I had 7 lemon creme cookies on Friday, but only 1 Tag-A-Long on Saturday and 2 Tag-A-longs on Sunday. Still, cookies aren’t part of a healthy diet and I’ll take full responsibility for not showing better restraint.
I will also admit they were delicious.

 81 cases of temptation

Seems life keeps throwing roadblocks up, making me really decide if this road to wellness is worth it.
Honestly, last week, I thought about just saying, I’m done. Well, I thought about it for not more than a few minutes, right around the time I ate the lemon cremes. About the time my husband looked over at me as I’d finished those circles of sweet satisfaction and laughed, “So how’s the diet coming along?”
Now before anyone starts getting mad at him for saying this, he then stuffed his face with Tag-A-Longs and chuckled, “I just can’t understand why I can’t lose weight.” 
So I fell backwards. I gave myself one day, gave into one evening of temptation in the name of Girl Scouts and got it out of my system. Since then, I’ve not even had seven cookies total.
I started thinking about all these people out here in cyberspace as well as loved ones who are cheering me on, hoping I’ll succeed, wanting me to turn out good numbers. They also know the frustration of the journey, so when I post this, I expect a lot of you will be nodding your head when I say, I thought about giving in and quitting.
On Saturday, the article I’d written for Project You magazine  (pgs 35-38) about my weight loss journey came out. It ended up being perfect timing because I started reading it and seeing how I’d poured my heart out about my weight. I actually started crying, not because I think I’m such an amazing writer (I am good though), but because I can easily see so many other people out there, feeling the same way.
Lost, frustrated, wishing things would change overnight and when they don’t, they keep wondering if fighting yourself is worth the time, tears, and tension.
So despite the slight weight gain, the cookies, the cold front, the self-doubt, I continue on. I can report the very next day, I’d dropped back to 213.5 and today, I’m down another pound. My goal is to drop 10% of my body weight during this challenge. This will drop be below 200, a big goal for me.
That success will taste sweeter than any Girl Scout Cookie.
Stay with me friends! We’ll all get there, pound by pound.