Inches Aweigh!

Okay, I’ve talked to one of the fabulous women in the Mamavation Challenge and she’s given me a well-deserved pep talk. She encouraged me not to worry as much about the numbers on the scale and take my measurements.
Not thinking I’d be much different, I did what she said and guess what?
1.25″ down on my hips.
0.5″ down on my waist.
How about that?
When I think I’m not making any progress, I discover I’m not looking in the right place.
It’s no secret that I want to lose a bunch of weight, but I’ve forgotten that includes taking measurements and seeing how inches can be a better scale of progress.
I’ve only lost about 4 pounds since I started this 4 weeks ago, but know my clothes fit slightly better and I have more strength and energy than before.
It’s amazing to me easly we are swayed either way when it comes to losing weight or gaining our health back.
I almost feel like Dug in the movie UP! (Squirrel!) when on this journey.

A fast food place here, a child’s event there, a deadline, a load of laundry, etc all claim a bit of my time and offer great distraction from taking care of myself.
But things are changing.
This week alone, I’ve gotten in 2 Kung Fu workouts, a pilates session, walking and will start with weight training tomorrow.
Who knows how much farther along I’ll be in two weeks, but I know one thing. I’ll be stronger and sleeker than I am now. Progress!