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Flawed by any other name…

Good Monday morning to all of you out there. I'm kind of riding high from a post I received from a lovely lady from the UK. Miss Gracie Lou pointed me in the direction of Ebook Deal of the Day UK where Deep in My Heart is featured on their Facebook page as a Kindle...

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The Second Book–And I’m Frozen with Fear

Two years ago, I Soul Mate published my first book, Weighting for Mr. Right. I had HUGE plans to2014 11 18 Biting the computer have the entire series done by now and here I am, still struggling with book two. Why? I got good reviews, people really loved it, most of my...

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Movies and Writer’s Block

This post is also seen at Soul Mate Writer's Blog. This weekend, I had the great pleasure of seeing Big Hero 6. Once again, John Lasseter has shown us what an freakin' genius he is with storytelling. (If you don't know who he is, click the link--it's an amazing...

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Excerpt from Carried Away

Okay, my friends, you've been incredibly kind and patient so I'd like to give you the first chapter of Luke and Mia's story. The book should be out next week and I'm so excited to bring it to you. Carried Away--Tuscany, Texas Book 2 Chapter One “He’s dead.” “No! Give...

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Forgotten Yesterday

Forgotten Yesterday is the newest release from the incredible Renee Ericson.(And hang around because the rafflecopter link is below. Prizes!!!!)This is the continuation of the life of Ruby Miller, the heroine of Renee's first book, After Tuesday, as she attends...

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