What about good reads for your teens this summer?

I’ve got two great picks for all of you.

A Tale of Two Besties by co-founder of Hello Giggles, Sophia Rossi. It tells the story of two best friends who find out what happens when their best-laid plans are changed. For an excerpt, click here.

2015 5 18 A Tale of Two BestiesHello Giggles is a great website for teens. It’s positive, uplifting and offers great advice. Co-founded by New Girl‘s Zooey Deschanel and Sophia Rossi, this site has it all.

For a historical fiction read, I’d suggest Code Talker by Native American author, Joseph Bruchac.

2015 5 18 Code Talker It tells the story of a sixteen-year old Navajo boy who wants to fight in World War II. When he discovers the Marine Corps is recruiting Navajos, he fakes his age and enlists only to find he’s being groomed to be a code talker. Before he knows it, he’s been sent into the thick of the Pacific side of the war and is responsible for sending code to help the US defeat Japan.

Author Joseph Bruchac has over 100 books to his name. If Code Talker isn’t your forte, check out some of this other books. They are fascinating.