Okay, so I’m up and moving, but still feeling sluggish from my travel. You wouldn’t think that only a two-hour time difference would squirrel you up much, but it seemed it was harder to adjust. Up late, up early, time change, yep, all crazy right now, but my eating has stayed on track and that’s helpful.
After posting yesterday, I had the great fortune of Stefan contacting me and telling thanks. What a nice guy!
My husband and I looked through Stefan’s Fat to Fit program last night and it’s completely practical and not expensive at all. It got me to thinking about this road to wellness.
I could retire on all the books, DVD’s, diet supplements, exercise equipment,  etc that I’ve purchased during the past 20 years. Things that were to make me fit, trim, gorgeous, perfect, taller, smarter, richer or whatever I imagined I’d be after I had a six-pack (and not the one in my fridge).
Of course, I’m not blaming the products, nothing works when you buy it then sit on your ever-widening ass and not use it or read it or watch it while eating pizza.
Any nutritional journey, no matter what it is, only works if you actually apply yourself and follow the regime. motoring calories in verses calories out is essential to any success when it comes to weight loss, weight gain or simply maintenance.
I mention this because it’s no secret. No diet pills, no DVD program, no gym can promise you anything unless you’re willing to do the work. Even those who can afford for a trainer to ride their butt have to be disciplined enough to not workout then go eat a box of Snickers Ice Cream Bars.
Actually apply yourself and sticking with it is what separates the wannabe’s and the success stories.