Down 3 pounds!!! A total of 6 in the last two weeks.

 It’s Sunday. A day of rest, a day of relaxation, and a day I’d usually give myself the chance to eat pretty much anything I wanted. Then I check my tweets and there it is. The gentle reminder of why I’m doing all this and how to stay focused.
My fearless leader, Leah (from Mamavation) is sitting in the New Orleans airport, requesting Move It or Lose It participants to post their scale photos right now. I could ignore the text, pretend the real weigh in isn’t only 24 hours a way and hope that I’ve lost for the posting tomorrow. I could pretend I’m out for the day and just didn’t get the tweet, and eat anyway. It’s a day of rest, relaxation, and recreation, which includes eating food that isn’t really good for me.
Problem is, I know I’ve done things like that far too often already and it’s what got me here in the first place.
Nope, I trudge to the scale and take the photo and find I have lost weight! Three pounds to be exact.
Now, that really crushes the idea of me wanting to eat without consequence. In fact, I feel inspired to do more today, see if I can knock off another half-pound by tomorrow.
Plus, I was challenged by Virginia at That Bald Chick  to top her elliptical time/calories from yesterday (1hr 10 min/1004 calories). How am I supposed to do that with my belly full of junk food?