Yeah me! Down three pounds and one percent body fat. That’s even going to a writer’s convention and drinking alcohol. Apparently, I didn’t drink too much and walked quite a bit.
What a great week. I attended the Romantic Times Book Lover’s Convention in Los Angeles and met some amazing people, covermodels and writers. I felt a bit in awe of all that literay power in one room: Brenda Novak, Stephanie Bond, Robert Browne, Brenda Jackson just to name a few. But I also had the great pleasure of seeing the newest crop of cover models for 2011. Now you would think they were all brawn, no brains, or completely full of themselves guys, but not so. In fact, I couldn’t believe how down to earth and appreciative they were to everyone they met.
One in particular caught my attention, but not for the reason you think and if you’re wondering why I’m putting this in by blog, just keep reading.
One cover model in particular, Stefan Pinto, used to weigh sixty pounds more than he does now. As he stood there, telling me his story, I had a hard time believing it because well, this guy looks incredible. 
 This helps since he was up for the title of Mr. Romance 2011.

Stefan, 2nd runner up for Mr. Romance 2011, used to be 60 pounds heavier

Yes he was nice to look at, but better yet, he gave me inspiration since I’m needing to loose about 75 pounds.
He penned the book Fat to Fit (which is available on iPad and iPhone) and still walked the walk. This isn’t a guy who said he used to be out of shape and then just got a haircut and did a few crunches. No, this guy had an extra sixty pounds on him. Instead of waiting for the perfect thing to come along, he created his own. During our dinner together (at one of the events) he watched and discussed not only weight loss, but how people change.
We talked about weight, dieting, exercise and even with women hovering all around him, Stefan seemed to keep a level head. He told us he chose to lose weight because, “I like to eat,” and he knew he had to do something before his weight got the better of him.
As a former “out of shape office worker”, Stefan started working hard for his new body and after five years, he reached his goal. As a result he’s been interviewed by the New York Times about his abs and been on the Maury Povitch Show on the Geek to Sheek episode.

Stefan's poster for his book


Cover Model Jeremy, Me, and Stefan--Lucky Me!

Did I feel intimidated to talk to him? No, he came across as a very nice guy or maybe I’m just an old married woman, but he did make me feel one thing–motivated.

As a result, I lost three pounds in a week.

So maybe hanging out with cover models is healthy for you after all.