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90 Day Challenge– Starting All Over…Again

  It may seem strange starting a new health regimen in August. I mean, the summer is almost over and the holiday feasts are just around the corner. So why on Earth, would I even fathom starting such a monumental task now? Why not? I've spent a lot of my post-pubital...

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Eating Guilt Salad and the Question of the Week

Win a backpack full of New Year's Resolution Tools--Box of Shakeology, arm bands, ear buds, with a $10 iTunes gift card. Okay, my friends. We're only three weeks until the new year. Those resolutions might be sitting heavy in your mind or inching their way forward...

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Launching Your First Day of Greatness

There's always a great momentum to starting something new. Diving in, seeing what you can accomplish. The world is wide open and ready to welcome you with open arms, right? Okay, not really. It's scary, frustrating, and downright intimidating to start something new,...

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It’s May! It’s May! The lovely Month of May!

Julie Andrews Sings "The Lusty Month of May" from Camelot The first of May is one of my favorite times because the hot summer hasn't quite arrived, but the chill of the spring has faded. The days are perfect and sunny. Plus, I'm counting the days until the kids are...

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Gotta Start Somewhere

Fall down seven times...get up eight. --Japanese Proverb At Thanksgiving, I took a long, hard look at myself and didn't like what I saw. Despite attempts to lose weight and keep it off, I'd bounced right back up again. Now I weighed in at 225lbs. Not only...

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Time Flies

Wow! I didn't realize I'd been gone for almost three months. In the back of my mind, I thought I'd only been away for two, not that's really any better. Life gets away from us all. It's already August and less than a month away from school starting. So far, I've...

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One MILI Down, Another few to go

                                          Up 1/2 pound this week, but down 9.5 for the 7 week MILI challengeOkay, we've made it 7 weeks and I've lost as follows: Weight-211.5 from 221 Waist 37.5" from 38" Hips 47.5" from 48 Arms: 13.5--same Calves: 15.75" from 16" So...

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Rationale versus Sneaky

One of the most frustrating things for me when losing weight is the slow pace at which I do it. Now, rationally, I get that's a good thing, but that other part of my brain, the impatient one, tells me it's not fast enough. So when I come up with a 2 pound weight loss,...

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The endless game of Angry Birds

A couple of weeks ago, if you'd asked me what I thought of the game Angry Birds, I would have said, "not much." Blame that response on the fact I'd yet to play the game. Now, my husband and I have been chipping away at the levels and we're in the third round, soon to...

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You’ll receive total conscienceness…

  Up 1.5 pounds this week. Shit. Bust 38", Arms 14", Waist 38", Hips 48", Legs 26" Body fat 43% This could easily send me into a downward spiral involving every fast food restaurant from here to Houston and most of the Easter candy in my pantry, but it won't. I know...

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Patricia Fischer speaks about supporting her best friend during her ovarian cancer journey as part of the Our Way Forward program created by TESARO, with The Moth, during the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition’s 2018 National Conference in New York.

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