1 pound closer to my goalThis week, I got a real eye opener.I took our fabulous dogs to their yearly visit. Both are fine and got their yearly vaccinations, but the vet started off our visit with, "Okay, let's talk about Lilly. She's fat."Yep, along with my expanding waist line, I've let my dog get fat, really fat. She's 25 pounds overweight and she only weighs 85 pounds. She should be about 55-60 pounds. Yikes!As I inch my way towards a better weight, I'm bringing my dog with me.She's absolutely adorable and I want her around for a long time. To do that, I've got to keep her healthy too. That means we've both got to move more, eat less, and simply do better. So not only am I on the path to wellness along with my husband, but our little dog too. She's not happy about the changes.Everytime one of us are in the kitchen, she comes in and stares at us with those sweet doggie eyes, saying, "I luuuuuuuuuuuve you." It takes a lot for me not to feed her extra, but I know I'm killing her slowly if I don't reel in what I'm doing. Just like me, I want us to live a very long, happy, healthy life. Our sweet Lilly