2016 4 11 Year of Yes BookcoverI promised myself that for one year,  I’d do this year was say yes to the things that scared me-Shonda Rhimes, Award-winning writer & creator of Greys’ Anatomy, Scandal, & How to get Away with Murder


In November of 2015, I read Shonda Rhimes book, Year of Yes. She inspired me, encouraged me through her powerful words. I told all my friends about her book and then I took her advice.

I promised myself one thing. I’d quit talking myself out of things that I really wanted to do.

Write another book? Yes.
Write a lot more books? Yes.
Write my first screenplay? YES!
Get healthier? Absolutely.
Audition for Listen to Your Mother? Umm, yes?

Why was auditioning for anything met with a meek response? Let’s just say I’m not the healthiest weight right now. Writing gives me a voice in a way that I don’t have to see anyone. Sad but true.

Auditioning for a show is different. For me, it’s me, all of me, standing there for the world to see and there’s no where to hide.

When I was younger, I had great aspirations of being a well known actress and screenwriter. I mean, who doesn’t? I loved performing, being in front of a live audience. Saying the words. Bringing characters to life.


But that never happened because I chickened out for so many reasons, I can’t list them all here, it mostly had to do with money and self-discipline. Over the years, I’ve been in a few community theater productions and took a few acting classes. All of which I’d enjoyed, but I hadn’t done anything for over four years. Audition for a show? That’s just crazy talk, right?

Maybe it was realizing those things I worried so much about over the years didn’t matter AKA the size of my jeans. Maybe I realized that if I always hid, my kids wound’t take chances in life either or maybe I got close enough to turning fifty that I decided why the hell not?

I missed being on stage. Of being in front of people. I love my life as a mother, but there are days when the only people I see are shorter than I am. Who’s combined ages don’t add up to mine, but are far more knowledgeable in the ways of the world than I’ll ever understand AKA You don’t know, Mom!

So after reading Shonda’s book, I promised myself I’d audition. Just audition. Just go and get practice and that’s it. That’s all.

I told no one what I was doing, not even my husband. I composed my reading, went to my time, read my piece about my grandmother and her runaway pantyhose without crying, and left. That was it. That was all I told myself I had to do.

Then I got a note from Jill (Robbins) I earned a spot for their April 23rd, 2016 inaugural show here in San Antonio.

Okay. Now what? I went to the first reading and haven’t regretted a second.  I got to meet a new group of friends, of amazing women who’ve been through incredible moments. I feel inspired and rejuvenated to not only get in front of an audience again, but it helped me write better.

2016 4 11 Listen to your Mother Poster

Now that I’ve told you why I’m going to be a part of this amazing show, I’d like to tell you about a few more of my Listen to Your Mother Peeps that’ll be telling some amazing stories.

First up, Moira Duggan