2016 4 11 Moira D LTYM

My fellow Listen to Your Mother Peeps were gracious enough to answer a few (nosy) questions and answered why they came out for an audition, what books they love, and what they hope you’ll take away from the show.


We start with the fabulous Moira Duggan.

Why audition for the show?

A friend encouraged me with flattery to audi–who can resist flattery.

Why did you pick the piece you did for the show?

I wrote this for the show. I felt silly trying to be wise about motherhood since I only joined the club recently so I just tried to write the best “story” I have to tell so far.

2016 4 11 Moiras BirthdayBook/Movie you can’t wait to read/watch with your children and why.

Moira’s Birthday, of course because with a name like Moira it is rare to find something with your name on it and Shel Silverstein’s poems because both are so, so silly.


What do you hope people will take away from the show after hearing all of our stories?


A bit more about Moira:

Moira Duggan is the common name given to the Lady of Tottering Hall. Born in Washington, DC at Columbia Hospital for Women, which is now condominiums and a Trader Joe’s, she holds degrees from Colgate University and the London School of Economics and Political Science. She is an urbanist living in Texas, married to her love from New Orleans, and mother to the Master of Tottering Hall. You can follow Moira on Twitter.

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