2015 10 14 Cold in TexasGood morning All.

I’m pretty sure the rest of the world sees a 60′ morning is a great sign of fall. In San Antonio, we start pulling out our heavy blankets, coats, and think about starting a fire.

Seriously, we don’t do cold well here, but what we do very well here is find any excuse to curl up with our favorite blanket and read a great book.

I’ve got some great reads for you to start your “autumn” weather.

First, let’s start with school…ugh, yes, I know. All those research projects and reading, writing, and screaming (by kids, parents, and teachers). I’ve always found the hardest part of any major writing project is knowing where to start. This task can be daunting for a child, especially one who isn’t all that excited about the writing, much less the reading, but I found a trick to make this process far less traumatic.

Who am I/Who Was I books are a great place to begin for anyone who’s trying to write a paper on present day or historical figures, places, and past events. Think starting with a kids’ book is silly? Why? These books are a great and easy read and a great general overview of said topics, no matter if you’re a first grader or in college.

Do you think your child will be more receptive to a Google Search that brings up over 100,000 articles or a 60 page book they (or you) can complete in less than 30 minutes? A book that gives you a great start to knowing where to begin with the project. Plus, these books are about $6 at Barnes and Noble and the digital copy is the same price.

2015 10 14 What Was D-Day Book Cover 2015 10 14 What was the Alamo Book Cover

What about you lovers of sweet romance? I’ve got two wonderful stories for you, both by Annette BowerΒ and I’d also check her short story, Good to Go, in Cup of Comfort’s Breast Cancer Survivors’ edition.

2015 10 12 Moving On 2015 10 12 Woman of Substance

Want something a bit more saucy and on the edge of your seat thriller side? Check out three books by Angela Smith.
2015 10 12 Final Mend Cover2015 10 12 Fatal Snag2015 10 12 Burn on the Western Slope

For those who want a sexy read on these “cold” San Antonio nights, check out Roe Valentine‘s Left to Forever. I mean, seriously, how can you not like this book? The cover alone is eye-catching.

2015 10 12 Left to Forever

As always, thank you Shelly Miles and the San Antonio Living crew for having me on today.