Did you ever have a song or story in your head that grabbed on and wouldn’t let go? It’s like that when you’re a writer. It’s a tune, phrase, or idea that you can’t seem to shake.
Like Smelly Cat here. For those of you who were and are faithful followers of the show Friends, know it by heart.
I might not have know all the songs I heard on the radio, but I knew this one.
It had three things going for it.
(1) It was on a hit show
(2) It had some of the simplest and ridiculous lyrics ever
(3) And the performer couldn’t sing (except when she was dubbed in this video)


So how do you as a writer make sure your characters are memorable? Well, I wouldn’t suggest writing something as nuts as Smelly Cat, but I would think about pushing your characters outside their boundaries. Make them reach farther for their goals, get into the ridiculous at times, and maybe even give them a nervous twitch, a catchy phrase, or even a little song–but come up with your own Smelly Cat.

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So how do you do that as a writer? How do you make an impact in the writing world when there are