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Hello, readers.  My name is Elaine Cantrell, and I’d like to thank Patricia for letting me blog for her.  With Valentine’s Day looming in front of us, I thought I’d give you a famous lovers quiz.  How many of these lovers do you know? The answers are at the bottom of the page. Don’t peek.


1. He was a Roman general, and she was the queen of Egypt.

2. Their love destroyed Camelot.

3. He gave up his throne for her because he couldn’t marry a divorced woman.

4. They met each other while filming a movie about ancient Egypt. They married once, divorced, and then married again.

5. Both star crossed lovers died in this Shakespearean tale which told of a bitter feud between two noble families.

6. She lost him, but tomorrow is another day.

7. A short man, he ruled the French Empire, but he divorced his true love because she couldn’t bear him a child.

8. They were two gangsters who enjoyed robbing banks.

9. The king of rock and roll, he married a girl he met while he was in the army.

10. He’s faster than a speeding bullet, and she keeps trying to guess his secret identity.

11. They fell into a burning ring of fire.

12. He lived in the jungle and swung through the trees, but she loved him anyway.

13. She was a governess who fell for a man with a dreadful secret hidden in the attic.

14. She gave him an apple that he wasn’t supposed to eat.

15. He was only a stable boy, but he loved her with all of his heart. Then she married another man.

16. He was the captain of The Millennium Falcon, and she was a princess on a mission.

17. She wrote a book called A New Leaf, and he went to the bookstore and bought the first one on the shelf even though they had plenty of copies at home.


Although the critics hated the pairing of Helen Mirran and Alan Rickman, I have to say I love these actors better than Liz and Dick.

Although the critics hated the pairing of Helen Mirran and Alan Rickman, I have to say I love these actors better than Liz and Dick.

1. Antony and Cleopatra

2. Lancelot and Guinevere

3. Edward VIII and Wallis Warfield Simpson

4. Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor

5. Romeo and Juliet

6. Rhett Butler and Scarlet O’Hara

7. Napoleon and Josephine

8. Bonnie and Clyde

9. Elvis Presley and Priscilla Beaulieu

10. Superman and Lois Lane

11. Johnny Cash and June Carter

12. Tarzan and Jane

13. Edward Rochester and Jane Eyre

14. Adam and Eve

15. Heathcliff and Cathy

16. Han Solo and Princess Leia

17. Elaine Cantrell and Wallace (Okay, we aren’t famous, but hey, a girl can dream.)

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Author Elaine Cantrell

Author Elaine Cantrell

Don’t go anywhere. Elaine sent Extras!!!!!

I wanted to share a Valentine excerpt with you, but I don’t really have one.  How about this unedited excerpt from my upcoming Astraea Press release The Enchanted?  This is the opening scene.  The Enchanted is a fantasy romance.

King Bowdyn sprang from his throne and paced around the room like a crazed tiger as his son knelt before the huge golden throne studded with crimson and emerald stones. “Perhaps you did not understand me, Alan,” he snarled. His hands clenched into fists held rigidly to his side. “This is not a request, but a command. You will marry Lady Maybina before the next full moon has passed.”

Alan dared not raise his eyes from the floor. “Father, I do not…”

“Silence!” the king roared. “I have respected your wishes for three years now, but my patience is at an end. You will wed Lady Maybina as I have commanded.”

“Father, having married once for love, I have no desire to marry a woman whom I have never met! Can you not understand? Think of the love you share with my mother. Is it so bad that I desire the same kind of relationship?”

The king’s face turned purple, but he took a deep breath and returned to sit upon his throne. He wiped his face with a lace-trimmed handkerchief and growled, “I have never understood you. You insisted on marrying a commoner, a nobody, and now that death has released you from your vows you refuse to marry a woman of your own station.”

Alan’s heart thudded in his chest. How far could he push his father? With Bowdyn one could never be sure. “I am sorry to disappoint you.”

“The kingdom needs heirs. The wedding will proceed as I have planned.”


“Enough!” Bowdyn shouted. His eyes bulged with the force of his scream.