Up 1.5 pounds, but a very productive week


Up 1.5 pounds this week. Shit.
Bust 38″, Arms 14″, Waist 38″, Hips 48″, Legs 26″ Body fat 43%

This could easily send me into a downward spiral involving every fast food restaurant from here to Houston and most of the Easter candy in my pantry, but it won’t.
I know there are two factors directly involved here.
First, being put back on prednisone didn’t help. Just the water retention alone could account for the slight weight gain so it’s fixable.
Second, it was Easter weekend and I can’t lie. I did eat more than I should of. My side of the family had a huge Easter event with everyone bring (too many) fabulous covered dishes. Add in the melt-in-your-mouth brisket my brothers cooked and the multiple desserts to celebrate Jesus’ ressurection (or simply it was a good day to eat pie), it was not a kind weekend on the calorie restriction. I’ll face up to the gain, I knew going into this week it would be a difficult one when it came to calories. Family, steroids, increasing my activity, endorphins of being able to breathe without help, it all added up to an incredible week no matter what it said on the scale.
On the up side of it all, I did get five 2 hour workouts in this week so I can’t complain. I hestitate to think what my numbers would have been had I not done that.
Despite the scale’s wrong direction, I can’t say I’m really upset. Disappointed yes, upset no.
This week showed how much better I’ve improved with my health and my mental ability to cope. I was on the ellipitical for almost an hour, went to pilates class twice, attended kung fu twice, hiked with 19 2nd graders through Natural Bridge Caverns, walked the dogs, worked out with a trainer, and hiked up and down the hill multiple times at my parents house.
I didn’t freak out when I ate a little more of something. I enjoyed it and went on. I didn’t make myself suffer or feel guilty about it, therefore fueling more stress and eating even more than I could or should.
All without having to use an inhaler and this is huge for me. I could not be happier with the results of my increased ability to breathe and exercise. I never thought I’d miss that intense sweat you get when you’ve really had your ass kicked from exercise, but I admit, I’m hooked. It feels great.
Now, this week will be better. No holidays, decreasing the steroids, and keeping with the exercise. I’ve already signed up for a 5K on May 7th. I’ll walk it, but my goal is to finish in under 45 minutes.
It’s very easy for me to start thinking of how it’s a loss week, but really it’s all about perspective. Kind of like the Caddyshack clip below.


So I gain a bit, I’m already so much farther ahead of where I was a year ago or even a month ago, I’m not going to worry about it.