Whoo! Whoo! Moving Foward

Okay, great news! I’m down 1.5 pounds from yesterday, which gives me a total of 6.5 pounds since we started two weeks ago.
Also, I could move without much pain this morning when I got up and I did get to the gym this morning. I’m still in pursuit of gaining on Virginia, but did stay on the treadmill for 50 min, burned 477 calories, and ran the distance of 3.55 miles. This is HUGE for me because not even 2 months ago, I was winded simply getting up the stairs at the gym to get to the equiptment and could only last about 10 minutes with rescue medication.
I didn’t use any rescue mediciation this time and wasn’t winded. Whoo! Whoo! Amazing progress only one month following my surgery. I couldn’t be more thrilled.
I did have a follow-up appointment with my ear, nose, and throat doctor (the one who did my surgery) and I’m going to have to start up some pre-op medications, but he said this is expected. I’m bummed because I’m going to be on prednisone for the next week and that can interfere with weight loss. But the good news is it will decrease any inflammation in my lungs due to all the oak in the air (lots of allergies) and help me do even better with the elliptical.
So that’s the so-so news, but interestingly it’s not bad news. I’m thrilled with the fact I got to the gym, got up the stairs without feeling winded, didn’t need an inhaler, got on the elliptical and stayed on it longer than I wanted to. The prednisode is a small set-back, but not terrible.
So is taking steroids cheating if I best Virginia?

Awesome Fit Buddy & Friendly Competitor, Virginia (www.thatbaldchick.com)