Heading to the studios today to talk, what else, books and I am thrilled to share some great reads.

In celebration of Juneteeth, I suggest:


Understanding each other is essential and understanding the history to fight for freedom for all is imparitive. During Pride month, I encourage everyone to learn a little something about those who’ve fought so hard to bring discussions and conversations about equality to the table. Even if you’re already an LGBTQ+ ally, there’s always more to learn.
If you’re not, maybe learn a little something about these amazing people anyway.

One of my favorite things in the summer, other than reading, is Shark Week (Discovery Channel) and Shark Fest (Nat Geo Channel). I grabbed a few books for y’all to learn a bit about sharks and I’m betting take in some amazing (and kind of terrifying) photographs.

But sharks aren’t the only amazing creatures in the sea.

For anyone who’s watched the Secrets of The Octopus on Nat Geo, they can attest to the cephalopod’s incredible abilities to adapt, survive, and thrive.

Sy Montogomery’s book goes into depth about what we thought we knew about these eight-legged wonders and what more we have to learn.

Great read for families and octopi (or octopuses) lovers.



Want a sweet read about a couple of penguins?

Check out Paul Castle’s gorgeously illustrated book Pengrooms,  the story of Pringle and Finn, two male penguins to deliver wedding cakes to their friends in the animal kingdom.

Each cake is unique, it’s own challenge, and tells a story about the couple, but it also helps Pringle and Finn navigate their story as they work as a team.

To add more to Paul’s amazing artistry, Paul has a degenerative eye disease, severely limiting his ability to see so these drawings are truly incredible.

For more about Paul and to purchase a super cute Pengroom plushie, check out Paul at www.paulcastlestudios.com


And finally, I always have great rom-com reads and this month I’ve found one about a sweet uncle, one about a wedding, another about a grumpy man and a poodle, and finally, a story that helps piece together two lover’s secret messages to each other.

I’ll end with a bit of self-promo here as my 10th book comes out June 26th.

Adopting with the Doctor is a labor (no pun intended) of love as I struggled to write this through all sorts of obstacles, but finally Reynolds’ and Susan’s stories and story are finally about to be told.
Midwife Susan Davidson‘s new life in Marietta, Montana will not only reunite her with her siblings, she’ll get to meet the guy she’s secretly been in touch with all year: Dr. Thomas Reynolds. Now, all she has to do is survive the robbery she just walked in on and deliver a baby. During a snowstorm.

Thomas Reynolds has almost given up on the idea of becoming an adoptive dad, because his single status always works against him. And then he foils a robbery, supports a young woman during childbirth and finally meets Susan–the woman of his dreams. There’s flirting, instant chemistry, plenty of push and the miracle of birth. And a young mother who always planned to give up her baby for adoption and thinks Susan and Reynolds will make the perfect parents!

Susan and Reynolds haven’t even been on a date yet, when they agree to a perfectly rational, logical, platonic co-parenting arrangement while adoption plans proceed. But can their instant connection, best intentions, and desire to give this baby girl their very best withstand the potential heartbreak of the adoption falling through?

It’s up for pre-order now, so grab your copy today.


As always, let me know what books you suggest for a must read in the comments below.