2014 11 18 Finalize a novelTwo years ago, I Soul Mate published my first book, Weighting for Mr. Right. I had HUGE plans to2014 11 18 Biting the computer have the entire series done by now and here I am, still struggling with book two. Why?

I got good reviews, people really loved it, most of my Amazon ratings were 4 and 5 stars, so what’s the problem?

Honestly, I have no idea. The characters work, the story is solid, and the moments are great (hot, tender, sweet, spicy, etc), so what’s my hold up?

I have no idea. I can’t seem to finish the darn thing. I keep thinking it’s not good enough. It’s not the best way to say something. Basically, I’m afraid of my own success.

Now, I didn’t have a run-away hit like the book that shalt-not-be-named (**cough, cough 50 cough, cough**), but I did finish my first book and people liked it. They really liked it.

Even my sweet mother-in-law liked it and she won’t watch Dancing with the Stars because it’s too provocative. (Seriously, that’s true. I’m not making that up.)


People wrote to me, asking about stories about my plans for characters in the book I had no plans for. Teachers stopped me in the halls at my daughters’ school, asking when the next book would be out. A friend of a friend found out about the book from another friend. So when my friend posted I’d written this “great” book, her friend said, “I love that book! How do you know the author?”

Geez! What’s it like to write a best-seller? I think I freaked out a little bit and I’m now worried my book will suck. I’m frozen with fear of disappointing my readers.

Anyone else ever have that problem? How did you deal with it?

I guess I should take a cue from Elsa in Frozen and Let it Go (don’t worry, I won’t post the video here. We’ve all heard it enough…great, now that song’s back in my head).

2014 11 18 Frozen

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