2014 9 29 Snoopy Editing DayTo all of you who’ve been so kind to ask, yes, the second book in the Tuscany, Texas series is being edited as we speak and should be out within the next two weeks.

There were a few things I realized I had to change, not only in this book, but had to go back to change in book one. Because of that, I’m making those changes to book one and will reissue it for free on Amazon, Smashwords, etc. I’ll also list the changes here for those who’ve already read the books and need a simple update.

I’ll have a cover reveal on Thursday as well as chapter one for all of you who’d like a sneak peak.

Luke and Mia’s journey to happily ever after has been a hard one to write, but one I hope that you’ll enjoy.. It’s emotional, sexy, heartbreaking. Secrets are revealed, questions answered, and you get an introduction to one of the meanest people in Tuscany.

Also, you ‘ll glimpse of things that are to come for Ethan and Tish as well as Joseph and Carlee.

To add to the impending holiday spirit, I’ll have Tish and Ethan’s book out by the end of October and Joseph and Carlee’s book before Thanksgiving. Yep, that’s a lot of writing and a lot of coffee.

2014 9 29 Squirrel Drinking coffee

Thank you so much for being patient through all this. My venture into indie publishing has been amazing. Just working out the kinks, but I’m glad y’all are sticking around to see how it turns out.