Hello Everyone!
Thank you for stopping by today to allow me the opportunity to talk to you about my book, The Feria! And a special thank you to an amazing author, the wonderful Patricia Fischer, for a lift on the virtual highway today!
My book has culture, love, uncertainty, tension and victory, as well as a trip to a Mexican fair, along with some very tender loving moments.
I wanted to share some back story behind my book. First and foremost, my character, Soledad is named for my sweet and precious grandmother, who I miss every day. I’m not sure how she’d feel knowing I put her in a romance novel, and that she gets to participate in all that comes with romance… *snicker* but either way, I hope she’s proud…
…When I was a little girl, every summer I’d wait on pins and needles to hear the words: The feria is in town. The feria is the Mexican word for a fair, or carnival-type event. While I had no idea how to measure exactly when it would arrive, I only knew that once school was out for summer, the feria came shortly thereafter. Next to no school, it was the next best part of summer.
Our feria took place in our sister city, Juarez, Mexico. While we lived in Texas, Mexico was literally only minutes away.
Rides, vendors, foods, dancing, music, treats, and of course, the tapestry of people there made the event unforgettable.
The last year I attended was 2000, with the man who would become my husband. I was a fresh-faced 20-something with the energy that came in bounds, a brand-spankin’ new college degree, and a gorgeous man by my side. Needless to say, just like my character, Soledad, the feria holds very special meaning to me.
About this time last year, I found a photo of two much younger, much more energetic looking people, my then boyfriend and myself (now parents of 5!), one we took that very night in 2000 at the feria, and memories began to spark and plug themselves together.

I started jotting things down, and soon after, I was hit with the idea of basing my book on the 40s, and on the trimmings of love found, and love stolen, and the journey to put it all back together. I hope you enjoy the twists and turns as well as the beautiful, tender, and thrilling moments that a love affair can offer.

Opening in 1941, THE FERIA is a stunning tale of two countries, where we find Soledad, young and in love in her precious Mexico, spending romantic summer days and sultry summer nights at the feria (the fair) with her Xavier. But back home in Texas, Soledad’s father begins facing the economic pressures inflicted by war, and he betrays his daughter in an act meant to save the family’s agricultural fortune. First love is beautiful… until it’s stolen. THE FERIA is a daring love story dancing on both sides of the border, intricately written around Mexican and American cultures and the great uncertainty that comes with love.

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