Why do I want to be the next Mamavation Mom?

            I could give you answers like “I want to get into shape” or “I want to look good in a bikini” or “I rock so why not?”, or “I’ve had another week where I didn’t lose any weight ” (I didn’t by the way), but I think the right answer for me is “I need to change.”             

          To be honest with you, that answer scares me.  

            Change is probably the most chaotic, most problem causing thing in the world. We all get set in our ways, like how things are going and even if we’re not happy with our lives, it’s a life we know. Change is scary, downright frightening and it can steal time away from you in tiny bits until you look down and realize you life is half over and you’ve spent it staying the same and it’s gotten you pretty much no where.

            I’m more of a glass-is-half full girl, so for me, change is necessary.

            I don’t mind change. I worked in the ER for years, both pediatric and adult, so I always had to be ready for the minor and the severe to walk through those doors at anytime. I’m adaptable and loved the thrill of the unexpected so this change should be easy, right? 😉

            Okay, I’m done laughing now because change is hard. No matter if you’re Mary Sunshine or Debbie Downer, it takes work to change, difficult, frustrating, mad-at-yourself work to make a different move or choice.

            Am I up for the challenge? Absolutely.

            Look, if you’d asked me eight weeks ago if I’d still be blogging about Mamavation and watching everything I ate, I’d say “probably not” because not only am I adaptable, I’m horribly unorganized. Yet, here I am, still here, still blogging, still being mindful, and still loving the time I spend on my computer writing articles about my weight loss journey. Why?


I realized I had to so something different because what I was, or really wasn’t doing, hadn’t worked out like I’d planned. Of course watching toned, thin, healthy people on TV doesn’t make me so by osmosis! Damn, well, guess I got to get up and move then.

So I changed. I changed the way I perceived the world, adjusted my goals, talked to friends, and became brutally honest with myself. I took measurements, weight, and BMI, none of which I liked, but to me, it was a very big step. I’d lived in the Land of Denial for so long, I’d lost touch with how far I’d allow myself to slip. Despite the stress of doing so, the experience was eye-opening to say the least, but I did turn it into a positive experience. I used that new found information, made a video, and submitted it to Mamavation. Wow, what a difference that made for me. When I admitted those numbers on camera and submitted it for the challenge in February 2011, a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders (although it didn’t make a damn bit of difference on the scale) and I could look at myself honestly for the first time in a while. So this can’t be all bad, right?

             One thing I didn’t mention that change can also be fun, exciting, thrilling, amazing, and adventurous and I love that about change. I love the journeys it takes me on, where I end up, and how I reach my goals. Change is incredible and Mamavation has helped me transition from “not sure how to change” to “let’s go! Ready to change things up and make a difference!”

            I really love this group of people who support me. Those people in cyberspace and some who I’ve talked to, really want to support, help, and guide me through my weight and health changes. I love getting feedback from others who are starting or have already started their health plans, giving me support and I get to respond in kind.

            Despite the many reports over the years of how obesity has become epidemic in the US, when it came to my weight, I felt alone. My husband has never had a weight problem. He’s within his normal limits of BMI, although he’s lost the same 10-15 pounds a few times during our marriage, he stays within his weight range. He’s never been a know-it-all when it came to pounds, but I think it was hard for him to understand me when I’d talk about trying to lose weight. He was always supportive, but I don’t think he understood the struggle.

            Mamavation offers me a community of people who “get it”, who understand the struggle when it comes to making good food choices when you’re starving and stressed, and helping me get organized when making them.

            Why do I want to be the next Mamavation mom? Because I’m ready to continue my adventure of change and I know Mamavation is the best way to help me navigate in order to reach my goals.