Okay, if you’re ready any of my blogging in the past few months, you’ve learned that I had breathing problems, brought on by a massive sinus infection.
One fab-u-lous surgery later and now viola! Infection gone and I’m on the mend.
Thank you Dr. Atkins! I didn’t bruise or even have more pain than Tylenol could handle.
Tonight, I’m throwing my name in the hat again as a Mamavation finalist. This time, I’m really going to hit it hard, make a difference, because, let’s face it, it’s always easier to exercise when you can breathe well or without gasping.
How exciting to be back. The ironic thing is I could have easily post-poned being a part of the last challenge or even this one, attributing it all to being pre-surgical and sick or post-surgical and healing, but I didn’t. I stuck with the last challenge until the end, checking in each week,  asking for help, feeling frustrated, but checking in none-the-less. that’s a first for me, to stick with something so long. Usually, I’m out of there within a month, unless I”m paying for a trainer, but even then, it was usually half-assed. Now, with my new found look on life, I’m not going to waste it, so whether I get in as a finalist or simply participate. I’m back.
But what I find is I’m so ready to get back that time I lost not being able to exercise. I’m ready to get moving, keep up with my kids, not be the out-of-shape mom I’ve become.