Down 1.5 pounds and 1/2″ in my waist this week.
The Mamavation finalists are announced tonight, right about the time the Golden Globes start (I love award season).
What a week! So productive, despite strep and flu hitting our home. 
Even if I don’t final, I’ll try again because that’s what you do when you’re reaching a goal.
Start-try-achieve a bit-keep trying-keep going…repeat.
If anything, it’s helped me to be mindful of what I’m eating, how much, how often. I found myself really thinking about what I would order when we went out (and we went out less this week), how much, if I was really hungry, and not to wait all day to eat.
I won’t deny that I want to final. I wouldn’t have entered if I didn’t want to get enough votes to participate in this contest, but still continue my weight loss and health goals regardless of the outcome.
Last year, I had the great fortune to interview Matt Hoover, winner of The Biggest Loser, 2nd season. He said he has people walk up to him all the time, saying “I keep submitting for the show and I haven’t gotten on yet so I can get started.” He tells them not to wait for the show. If they’d started, they’d already have accomplished their goals or be a good way in accomplishing them.
I’ve found that I keep waiting for this golden moment, this perfect time to start taking care of myself. Truth is, there isn’t going to be one. The perfect moment would have been when I hit puberty and someone pulled me aside and said “do these things and you’ll never need to worry about your weight. Just eat well and exercise everyday. Be mindful.” But since no one has invented a time machine that I can use, well, the time is now.
What is the line that will be used over and over again during awards season, “It’s just nice to be nominated.”
They’re right. Out of all the women (and a few men) who’ve submitted a video, who had the strength to face their fears of being on camera, and put themselves out there, I’m in the voting pool for the finalists. Just allowing myself to face the numbers that so haunt my mind (and medical history), has been cathartic.
No matter what the outcome tonight, I’ll keep moving forward, keep being a part of Mamavation, and keep helping others simply get started.
So if you’re reading this, don’t wait for that perfect moment. Make your moment right now and figure out how you’re going to reach your goals.
Good luck!