Day 20–Feeling Frantic

It’s a holiday weekend and that means one thing–lots of high fat, fabulous, delicious not healthy things for me to eat.
Growing up, holidays were always filled with lots of dip/chips, snacks, and all sorts of things on the grill to (over)fill our bellies and bring us together.
Football, or some sportin event, was the other constant in our holiday gatherings, at least the ones from August to January 1 (that was when all the bowl games were on one day).
Knowing that, I still went to the grocery store hungry, a big no no, but came out pretty well. The only thing I bought as a high fat treat or splurge was some brie cheese.
Yes, I ate it knowing full well I didn’t need it and it’s loaded with calories and fat. That tomorrow, I’ll end up on the elliptical for a solid hour just to burn off maybe 1/3 of the calories from it, but I did eat it regardless.
Maybe it’s the cabin fever of being home with my daughter–she’s got stomach flu–or that I haven’t gotten as much done as I wanted this week. I’ve been productive, but because of her illness, it’s derailed me slightly.
The holiday weekend should prove to be productive though. I’ve got my need for treats done and I’m ready to get back on track.
Of course, my family is having a get-together on Monday. I’ll bring the carrots and apple slices!

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