Day 7–Now I’ve done it

I can’t believe I’ve done this. I signed up to run in the Rock N Roll Marathon– the Alamo in November. In 12.5 weeks, I’m supposed to be able to finish 13.1 miles in one day, preferably in less than 5 hours. I got caught up in the free t-shirt that was offered if you signed up through John Bingham‘s runner’s site.
What does MacBeth say “What’s done is done?” And now I’ve gone and done it (not meaning to quote Shaina Twain) and I’m officially freaking out.
To calm my nerves, I’ve done the math. If I walk 4 mph, I can finish it in less than 4h. That’s comforting, but what’s not is after walking 2 miles right now in quick time (4mph right now for me) isn’t all that enjoyable, but it could be in 12.5 weeks.
Still, it’s a very scary place to be, the jumping off point.
But what do they say? One way to learn is to jump in the deep end of the pool?
No matter if the pool is shallow or deep, you’re leaving yourself to chance when you jump. Being out of control, flying through the air, not sure where you’ll land is exhilarating and terrifying at the same time.
To help, I’ve got an incredibly patient friend, Sarah, who’s been encouraging me along in this. I crapped out on her a couple of weeks ago, feeling too overwhelmed to get up at 545a and walk for an hour. I was annoyed I was so behind (literally and mentally) than everyone else who was meeting up. The beginning runners and walkers are far faster than I am. I’d finish, but I’d feel like the third wheel, the one everyone was waiting on to catch up.
I can’t blame my dogs, whom I brought with me, because they trot along faster than I was running. It’s simply a mass issue. I weigh too much and it’s slowing me down. Getting even 5% of the weight off will help, it’s just getting there without feeling deprived for food or insane from exercise and no sugar.
My best friend, Seana, is also working her ass off, literally. She’s one of my accountability buddies and although she lives 3000 miles away, she’s working hard to get healthy. She encourages me, I her. We applaud each other’s accomplishments, tell each other the world won’t end when we screw up and eat a bar (or two) of chocolate.
To confess, I’ve not really worked out since the 90 challenge began. I told myself I would start as soon as I got the workout sheets and printed the half marathon training out.
That was this morning and I’ve not yet sweat, but I have eaten well and stayed well within my healthy choices. It’s a start, but tomorrow, the sweating (and pain) begins.
I’m ready to jump now.

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