Snuggle Up with a Good Book

Patricia Fischer is back and showing off her latest book picks to cozy up with this season. Grab a hot drink and snuggle up with one of her favorite reads from authors Carly Bloom, Sasha Summers, Suanne Schafer, Emily Mims, Sophia Isaac, Jolene Navarro, Kaylie Newell, and Teri Wilson. Plus,… Continue reading

San Antonio Living | Books For Your Olympic Mindset

Nothing is nicer than getting all cozy in bed, and pulling out your favorite novel before you go to sleep for the night. Reading guru, Patricia Fischer shared her top book picks that fit the Olympic vibe around the world.  

Jane Porter & Patricia Fischer

From Jane Porter’s Blog: Patricia W. Fischer is one of those great Texans I love so much.  She’s smart, kind, generous, but also very hard working.  I love her can-do attitude and her desire to contribute and when the Men of Marietta series was being developed, the Tule team though she’d… Continue reading

San Antonio Living | Book Picks With Patricia Fischer

Patricia Fischer stops by San Antonio Living and gives us the scoop about her top book picks and the best times to read. Patricia also gives you details on local book clubs you can join. What’s your favorite book?

San Antonio Living | Summer Reading Favorites

Shelly talks with author Patricia Fischer about her favorite summer reading picks. The ladies also discuss a book turning into a movie! Also, there are some good Shakespeare plays that made her list for all ages.

Fresh Fiction | Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

This past weekend, I taught a class about writing a sex scene for non-romance writers. No matter what entertainment industry or genre you are in, crafting a great sex-scene is hard work. That’s why I’ve always felt as though the people at don’t get enough credit for their art…. Continue reading

Killer Fiction Guest Blog

THE CRIME The authors of this blog are hereby charged with writing Killer Fiction novels responsible for spontaneous outbursts of laughter in public places, uncontrollable swooning over larger-than-life heroes, and the deaths of countless fictional villains. FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 2012 Guest Author Patricia W. Fischer As a writer, one of… Continue reading

San Antonio Living | Superheroes, Suspense & Suprises

Are you not sure what to expect? Patricia Fischer shared her top reading picks to get into the Alamo City Comic Con mindset. No matter your age, she has something appropriate for you.

San Antonio Living | Relax and Read a Book

It’s finally Fall and with that, comes snuggling with a blanket and reading a great book. Author and promoter, Patricia Fischer, is here to tell Shelly about a few new sexy reads that will be perfect for this season.

San Antonio Living | Spice Up Your Summer Reading

One of the best ways to occupy your time this summer is with a good book. Patricia Fischer is here to tell you about the best picks for adults and children. Also, learn more about her new book coming out next month.