Carried Away-Book #2 Tuscany, Texas series

Luke Davis only had eyes for Mia Connors since he first saw her at the July 4th parade when they were twelve years old. From then on, he and Mia, along with his best friend Bruce Dexter, were the Three Musketeers. Then one high school summer changed everything and Mia… Continue reading

Edits are almost done–Time to Celebrate with a Giveaway

Good morning everybody! I’m in the last edits of my second In Weighting book, tentatively titled, The Weighting Room, and I’m feeling extra generous. Right now, I’ve got a giveaway going on Amazon where you can throw your name in the hat for a free copy of my first book,… Continue reading

Crazy in Love with Jennifer Zane

It’s summer and what’s better than a good read? How about 4 good reads? Well, author Jennifer Zane knew you’d need a great set of books for your e-reader and out of the kindness of her heart, wrote four amazingly sexy stories that’ll you’ll have to turn on the fan… Continue reading