Go Outside your Boundaries– Just Like Smelly Cat

Did you ever have a song or story in your head that grabbed on and wouldn’t let go? It’s like that when you’re a writer. It’s a tune, phrase, or idea that you can’t seem to shake. Like Smelly Cat here. For those of you who were and are faithful… Continue reading

Famous Lovers Quiz with guest Elaine Cantrell

Hello, readers.  My name is Elaine Cantrell, and I’d like to thank Patricia for letting me blog for her.  With Valentine’s Day looming in front of us, I thought I’d give you a famous lovers quiz.  How many of these lovers do you know? The answers are at the bottom… Continue reading

Author Meggan Connors is the perfect cure for curmudgeoness

When I first set out to write this blog, and was asked to tie it to one of the many national observances in January, I wondered, “How am I going to do this?” Shall I suggest a holiday called National Monkey-Toes Connors Day (tiny daughter’s birthday is in January)? Or… Continue reading

Weighting for Mr. Right Starting a New You Give-Away Question

Don’t want to wait for the first of the year to get starting on your health goals? Then don’t! Start with launching yourself into your new goals now. All you have to do is start–then post what you did on your first day of greatness here. Did you go to… Continue reading

Launching Your First Day of Greatness

There’s always a great momentum to starting something new. Diving in, seeing what you can accomplish. The world is wide open and ready to welcome you with open arms, right? Okay, not really. It’s scary, frustrating, and downright intimidating to start something new, especially when it has to do with… Continue reading