Weighting for Mr. Right Starting a New You Give-Away Question

Don’t want to wait for the first of the year to get starting on your health goals? Then don’t! Start with launching yourself into your new goals now. All you have to do is start–then post what you did on your first day of greatness here. Did you go to… Continue reading

There’s Always a Reason Behind Treason

SEDITION is what you might call a new style political thriller. Sedition. A Political Thriller As international bestselling author Marc Cameron wrote, Sedition is a “thinking person’s thriller.  If you are a lover of details, you will enjoy this book.” Bestselling Amazon author Steven Konkoly called it a “tightly written, suspenseful thriller from start to finish.”… Continue reading

Getting My Brain in Gear

Getting your brain in shape is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done because it also involved me getting my body in shape as well. It seems like a, well, no-brainer, to think if your body is in check, your mind will be working on all cylinders, but it’s… Continue reading