Forgotten Yesterday

Forgotten Yesterday is the newest release from the incredible Renee Ericson. (And hang around because the rafflecopter link is below. Prizes!!!!) This is the continuation of the life of Ruby Miller, the heroine of Renee’s first book, After Tuesday, as she attends college and finds that what she wants and what she… Continue reading

Being Accountable for The Life You Want–Featuring Lorie Hardy

Lorie Hardy gives an honest answer to why there “are no good men” out there. Maybe ladies are selling themselves short. Even though I focus mostly on fiction, I cannot tell you how true Lorie Hardy’s voice speaks to me. As writers, specifically for me romance, we all try to… Continue reading

It’s music Monday! Let’s boogie! Deep in my Heart will be here September 30th!

I wanna put on my-my-my-my-my boogie shoes…and boogie with you and why? Deep in my Heart, the first book of Tuscany, Texas, my new series is done and is with the beta readers getting polished and pretty. With me being born and living in just about every major city in… Continue reading

Go Outside your Boundaries– Just Like Smelly Cat

Did you ever have a song or story in your head that grabbed on and wouldn’t let go? It’s like that when you’re a writer. It’s a tune, phrase, or idea that you can’t seem to shake. Like Smelly Cat here. For those of you who were and are faithful… Continue reading

Famous Lovers Quiz with guest Elaine Cantrell

Hello, readers.  My name is Elaine Cantrell, and I’d like to thank Patricia for letting me blog for her.  With Valentine’s Day looming in front of us, I thought I’d give you a famous lovers quiz.  How many of these lovers do you know? The answers are at the bottom… Continue reading