Edits are almost done–Time to Celebrate with a Giveaway

Good morning everybody! I’m in the last edits of my second In Weighting book, tentatively titled, The Weighting Room, and I’m feeling extra generous. Right now, I’ve got a giveaway going on Amazon where you can throw your name in the hat for a free copy of my first book,… Continue reading

King of Hearts AKA Le Roi de Coeur

It’s the new year and today is National Weigh-in Day so before we all go screaming into the night or reluctantly walk back into the gym, I thought it would be fun to post a movie each Monday that I love that one y’all might find fun. One that you… Continue reading

San Antonio Living–Book Picks for August

As always, thank you to San Antonio Living and Shelly Miles for having me on today. I always love promoting books and I’m happy to say all the book picks from today are from local authors. Now, school’s almost here and we all need some good reads to celebrate the close… Continue reading

San Antonio Book Picks–Young Adult Picks

What about good reads for your teens this summer? I’ve got two great picks for all of you. A Tale of Two Besties by co-founder of Hello Giggles, Sophia Rossi. It tells the story of two best friends who find out what happens when their best-laid plans are changed. For an… Continue reading

San Antonio Living book pick: Foster Care and Belle Calhoune

Good morning my friends! It’s that time again, San Antonio Living has allowed me back in the building and letting me talk about book picks. This month is Foster Care Awareness Month and if you’ve read some of my posts, you know this is a subject that’s near and dear… Continue reading

Flawed by any other name…

Good Monday morning to all of you out there. I’m kind of riding high from a post I received from a lovely lady from the UK. Miss Gracie Lou pointed me in the direction of Ebook Deal of the Day UK where Deep in My Heart is featured on their Facebook… Continue reading

The Second Book–And I’m Frozen with Fear

Two years ago, I Soul Mate published my first book, Weighting for Mr. Right. I had HUGE plans to2014 11 18 Biting the computer have the entire series done by now and here I am, still struggling with book two. Why? I got good reviews, people really loved it, most… Continue reading

Movies and Writer’s Block

This post is also seen at Soul Mate Writer’s Blog. This weekend, I had the great pleasure of seeing Big Hero 6. Once again, John Lasseter has shown us what an freakin’ genius he is with storytelling. (If you don’t know who he is, click the link–it’s an amazing story.)… Continue reading