Countdown is on…

Wheeeeeee! It’s the beginning of the new Mamavation Challenge and I’ve thrown my name in the hat for the next round. Now, to clarify, I did screw up. I didn’t post my after pictures by the Wednesday of the last week and got disqualified. Live and learn and go on, right? Honestly, it doesn’t matter because I stuck with the program, checked in, wrote entries, and stayed mindful during the entire process. It doesn’t mean I was perfect or ate nothing but lettuce, but I did stick with something when I had every reason to blow it off.
So what did sticking to the challenge get me?
I ended the last challenge 7.5 pounds lighter, 1% body fat less, and reduced a total of 4″. Not bad for someone who really can’t do much cardio.
But after tomorrow, things will start looking much better. Okay, well, probably more like day after tomorrow or Thursday, but the day has arrived that I will have all that goo sucked out of my sinuses. That same goo that’s caused me to have asthma problems, reflux, and weight gain for the past year.
Just last week, I’d started my pre-op medications which included antibiotics and oral steroids. What a difference! It took about three days and I woke up feeling human, normal, and not winded. I thought, “well, if this is what I’ve been missing out on, I’m so ready to feel like this everyday without chemicals.”
During this entire process, amazing family, friends and cyberfriends have been there. I can’t wait to get started on this next segment of my journey to health.
Thanks for being there and all your kind words of encouragement.

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3 Responses to Countdown is on…

  1. Goo sucking? Sounds gross but I get it. I live in a near constant state of some sort of drainage & I’ve been asthmatic since birth. I hope this helps you. You’re going to feel so much better, I’m sure!

    • patriciawf says:

      Yeah, when the doctor said “holy crap!” when he saw my CT, I got very excited. “Finally!” I thought. “An answer as to why I’ve been feeling like crap for so long.” It’s all the waiting that difficult for me. Once I’m there in the morning, I’m good.
      I’m also hoping that all that goo adds up to about 20 pounds so I’ll weigh less afterwards. 😉

  2. Janice Smith says:

    LOL – 20lbs of GOO! Hugs – feeling like crap for that long is so hard! Great job on the weight you lost!

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