Pilates Kicks (My) Ass

Standing Splits on Reformer Machine


With my respirtory not as fabulous as I’d like, I’ve had to turn to non-impact cardio. At first, I thought these workouts would simply help with flexibility and mobility, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. I walk, or really limp, out of those pilates reformer classes sweating as though I’d just done a major cardio workout. I stand up straighter, I walk with confidence, and I feel sleeker in my legs and hips.
It’s quite an ego boost twice a week to finish the class without needing an AED machine.
Not only has my strength improved, I’m building muscle like crazy and it’s helped me with my Kung Fu class.
So, no I’m not losing a ton of weight, but I am getting healthier and that’s the entire point of this, isn’t it?

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  1. Blake says:

    At first I was horrified that my good friend Patricia had been unwillingly placed in a medieval torture contraption. I am so relieved that she is merely doing something “healthy.”

    Honestly though, keep kicking ass and your posts help me with my own workout/diet program!

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