Move It or Lose It Week 1

Weigh In for Mamavation Starting Week 2


Whoo! Whoo!
It’s week two and already I’m down three pounds.
Last Monday the Mamavation Move It or Lose It (MILI) challenge began and I had no way to know if I’d even be able to stick with it. Although my exercise routine hasn’t established well, I did work out three times last week and watched my food. Those little changes made a difference.
I don’t expect I’ll have such a weight loss next week with doing minimal changes. Each week, I’ll have to kick it in a bit more to get consistency with my weight goals.
Another gem last week, I found out I’ve got to have sinus surgery. The serious sinus infection I was diagnosed with in October, is still present and worse than when we started.
Initially, I wanted to win this MILI challenge, but after getting on the elliptical and having to go at a lower rate because of my breathlessness (due to the sinus problems), I simply want to complete this and lose 21 pounds. That’ll put me under 200 lbs with a weight loss of 10%.
Imagine the thrill when I stood on the scale this morning and had already made a three pound difference!
This is the first of many steps, but this time, I’m taking them instead of thinking about it.
Interesting when you move from passive to proactive.

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2 Responses to Move It or Lose It Week 1

  1. Awesome–rooting for you!

  2. Angie says:

    You can do it!! Just keep your goals small

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