New and Better Day

It seems my symptoms are finally subsiding and I am feeling human again. Not to say I’m without some effort to breathe, but far better than four days ago when I started my medicine.
I’ve stayed aware of what I’m eating and haven’t resorted to food for comfort this time. I’m pretty proud myself that I’ve not totally cratered because it would be very easy to do so.
The bags of Halloween candy are still intact in the cabinet and I’ve kept my meal portion sizes in check and even done some light exercise.
My journey to wellness hit a slight detour, but I’ll get there. Today, I feel better about it than I did a few days ago. It helps to know there are those out there who actually read this blog.
Quite honestly, I debated on whether to write this because I figured there were plenty weight loss journey blogs out there, but that wasn’t the only reason.
Embarrassment. It was hard enough to look in the mirror, see the results of years of inactivity and poor food choices (or really good food choices, but far too often). Then I decide to put myself out there to the world, be accountable on a level that I’d never done before? What a leap of faith or maybe a midlife crisis? Hard to say, I guess I felt it was time to quit being afraid, to stop making excuses for me not achieving my goals. I’m a writer, so how better to get these ideas, these thoughts and frustrations than to write the out? It’s been cathartic and the feedback I’m getting is amazing. Who knows where this will be in a few months, six months, a year? Hopefully we’ll be 40 Fit and Fabulous instead. Wouldn’t that be cool?

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