A Little Victory–No more Mom Jeans!

Fall down seven times–get up eight   Japanese proverb

I’ve fallen down far more than seven times when it came to my weight. I’d go up, come down, go up, go up, come down, go back up. I’ve maintained for years at a time only to have a sudden jump over a years time (the first was the year I turned 30 then again when I turned 40). Just another way to understand that the human body is in a constant state of change, adjustment, so when weight loss measures are added in, it’s no wonder my body says “what in the hell are you doing?” Not only that, but my mind is trying to figure out how to deal with my body’s changes. No wonder we feel nuts when making changes to our diet and lifestyle routines. Everything changes, your routines, your planning, your thought into what you’re going to do that day. No more auto-pilot, not until the healthy habits are just that, habits.
Finally the last ingredient that makes weight loss such a chore–patience.
I know I didn’t put on the weight overnight and yet, I kick myself constantly wanting to wake up ten pounds lighter every night. Why is it we are all so hard on ourselves? That faster is better for everything? Is there such a thing as enjoyable weight loss?
Hey, that might make for another entry, but I digress.
The point is there are always roadblocks, distractions, excuses, not to succeed, hence the fall down seven times, but as long as I keep getting up more than I fall down, I am making movement forward. And finally I can say, my small movements forward have added up to one small victory.
I’ve dropped a jeans size, which is actually more (at least in my mind) than a dress size.
Jeans are unforgivable. You either wear that size or you don’t. There’s no faking it. Either those jeans fit over your hips and you’re able to button them (standing up preferably) or not. So when I found I could not only get them over my hips and button them while standing in the Eddie Bauer changing room. This small Yeah Me! moment all while my daughters figured out how far and high they could jump off the bench in the dressing room. No injuries to report, but at least if I’d gone to the ER, I’d look great in my new jeans. No more mom jeans!
What a victory for me! Don’t get me wrong, my body and mind are still figuring things out. I’m still fighting urges to cheat (Halloween candy aisle at Target) at every corner. I’ve not been perfect, but I am being proactive (not the skin care line) and progressing forward.
Something that could easily derail my efforts is I know the holidays are fast approaching. How easy it would be to blow things off until the first of the year because the journey through the holidays has always been daunting.
Before then, I must have a good grasp on what I’m willing to allow myself and what I’m not. Planning, thinking, being aware of what I’ll do to keep my progress going. The task seems daunting and overwhelming, but not today. For today, for this moment, I’m going to allow myself a victory and celebrate no more mom jeans.

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