Day 2–Getting to Know Me

Well, after watching Melissa and Rick Lawson’s Tony Robbins Breakthrough on Hulu last night, things began to make sense to me. I spent a good part of my night realizing a few things.
When did I become afraid of succeeding? Was it when I knew I’d be financially okay, when I stopped worrying about job security, or when I met the man of my dreams? Maybe being afraid of success is harsh, maybe I simply got lazy or comfortable. Whatever the reason, I’ve found that I’ve done a very good job of keeping myself from making progress. How easy it’s been to simply pile on more and more things to do, things that may not make any difference in my life or help move my life forward. These obligations have hindered me from doing many things, specifically being present.
Something that kept being said repeatedly on the show last night is Melissa had trouble being present, both physically and spiritually. She’d focused on the dream of music when her family fell apart. She lost the focus and things became too out of balance.
Makes sense. It seems as mothers we’re expected to keep everything in check and when we do that and have a career, we’re superwomen. Anything less, we’ve got more work to do.
I realized I’d make very little true attempt to get control of my eating. That I’d used the lack of will power to justify my eating/weight problems. I’d not been present enough to myself because I’d allowed myself to be distracted by all this other crap.
What an eye opener–in only 42 minutes (length of the show), I’d realized how wrong I’d approached my health for so many years.
As I fell asleep last night, I started to trim my obligations and woke this morning feeling more focused and refreshed.
It’s a great start.

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